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I think a lot of us know the feeling when we go into a grocery store and eventually and up in the office supply section. All those pens hanging out there, demanding to be used. But the worst of all are those empty scrapbooks and blogs. They want to be filled. Everytime I come across […]

Hey ho, I wanted to publish a log about a Boardgame experience we had. Please post in the comments below what you think of it and give it thumbs up here and on Boardgamegeek, if you like it. (Yeah the Achievement would be nice to accomplish) You can read the Log here Have fun Greetings […]

Tja nicht viel, so viel ist sicher. Ich habe nun eine Rollenspielgruppe in Bonn gefunden mit denen ich endlich mal Dark Heresy ausprobieren kann. Das Buch fällt mir ja schon bald im Regal auseinander…Nachdem ich es jetzt schon seit 2007 habe. Es war ganz witzig, aber ich hoffe es wird noch besser. Hier gibt es […]

Please World: Collect your treasures and use it properly! Check the Man of the Month!